Voting Open: N-Peace Awards 2012

N-Peace recognizes and seeks to support the leadership of women in conflict prevention, dispute resolution, reconstruction and peace building at the regional, national and community levels.

You can learn more about N-Peace at their website

“Women are often at the frontlines of conflict, but they rarely make the headlines” – this is the principle behind the N-Peace awards – to recognize the often invisible efforts and contributions of women who demonstrate leadership roles in building peace and empowering their communities

Fork Films is proud to suport Hasina Safi of Afghanistan. You can read more about Hasina’s work here »

Voting is open for Role Models for Peace to recognize leading women peace builders.


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2 Responses to Voting Open: N-Peace Awards 2012

  1. enayatbawary says:

    I want to vote for this person but the links doesnt work anymore.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for letting us know! I have check the N-Peace website and it appears they are having technical issues with their voting system. They are working on it now, and the site should be up again soon.

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