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FORK FILMS FILM FESTIVAL POLICY for Pray the Devil Back to Hell

We are happy to consider any full invitations to screen Pray the Devil Back to Hell if a screening fee is offered and expenses (such as exhibition print shipping) are covered. If you would like to book Pray the Devil Back to Hell at your festival, please see the information below regarding licensing fees as well as other helpful information.

Kindly note that Fork Films is no longer applying to any festivals on behalf of Pray the Devil Back to Hell. We are not able to provide preview copies or fill out applications at this time.

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Licensing Fees
Subtitled Versions
Shipping Fees
Payment Policy
Speaker Invitations
Press Materials
Duplication Fees


Festival Licensing Fee Information By Exhibition Format

DVD $295: Licensing fee for exhibiting on a DVD. Shipping via US Priority Mail is included. The license fee covers multiple screenings for a single festival or screening series. The license is non-transferable.

Professional Tape Formats $345 ($295 + $50 additional rental fee): DV-Cam, Beta SP, Digibeta or HDCam if a copy is available* All above rights apply. Shipping is not included.

35mm $495 ($295 + $200 additional rental fee): All above rights apply. Shipping is not included.

* There may be a dub fee for any requested tape formats we do not already have on hand. The tape must be returned to Fork Films and the dub fee is considered an additional rental fee. There is no additional fee if your requested format is on hand.

Please contact us to check availability. Click here to see dub rates if your chosen format is not available.

Subtitled Versions Available

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The following are subtitled versions of Pray the Devil Back to Hell that are available. Please note that there are NO dubbed versions of the film available at this time.

Please note that some versions may require an ADDITIONAL rental fee to the base licensing fee of $295.00.

English audio with Italian subtitles– 72 min/Theatrical
Contact us for details

English audio with French subtitles– 72 min/Theatrical
English audio with Spanish subtitles- 60 min/TV
Contact us for details

English audio with Spanish subtitles- 72min/Theatrical
English audio with Spanish subtitles- 60min/TV
Contact us for details


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Our preferred shipment method for non urgent packages within the US is via USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail.

For express shipping and for tapes, 35mm prints within the U.S. and for ALL international shipments, we strongly recommend FedEx. Within the U.S., we can also ship via FedEx Ground to save on freight costs.

Please provide an account number if requesting a FedEx shipment.

To calculate approximate Fedex rate and transit times, you may enter your ship to address here:

Please note that we ship from New York, NY, zip code: 10010

Payment Policy

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We prefer payment via credit card but we can invoice upon request.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Please download a CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION form here:



Once it is completed, please either fax to 212-782-3708 or scan and email as a PDF to Operations Coordinator Hope Carmichael at along with your format request and any information about your screening.

Speaker Request / Filmmaker Invitations

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We often receive requests for the filmmakers to attend and speak at festivals and screenings. Please understand that the filmmakers have begun other projects and at this time are unlikely to be able to travel on behalf of Pray the Devil Back to Hell. There may be someone in your community who would be an excellent speaker or host at a screening and we encourage you to reach out to local libraries and colleges for their recommendations.

However, if schedule allows, your invitation may be considered, so please feel free to contact Operations Coordinator Hope Carmichael at to inquire about filmmaker or speaker invitations.

Please make sure to include in your inquiry:

- What date(s) are you considering for a screening?

- Is there an honorarium/speakers fee?
-- If yes, what is it?

- Who are you asking to speak, Abigail Disney or Gini Reticker?

- Will you cover all travel expenses including transportation costs and lodging if necessary?

-- If yes, is there someone from your organization/institution that can book the travel & lodging, or should expenses be submitted for reimbursement?

- If neither Abby or Gini can attend, AND there is a speakers fee and travel costs covered, would you be interested in other speakers, such as any women from the film, crew members, or other people who can speak about Liberia, please contact us and we’d be happy to make suggestions.

- Are you screening the film regardless of a speaker attending?

Press Materials

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You can find most of your press material needs such as a press kit (including synopsis, biography, and full credits and much more), high res stills, etc on our Press Page.

You can also find more promotional tools such as high res postcard graphics and web banners on our Spread the Word page.

Should you require additional materials, such as the high res trailer in quicktime (.mov) format, or clips for download, please contact Operations Coordinator Hope Carmichael at to obtain instructions on how to download the material.

Duplication Fees

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If we do not have your needed tape format available please add the following rental fee:

DVCam NTSC - $95
Beta SP NTSC - $95
Digibeta NTSC - $200
HD-Cam - $575

DVCam PAL - $225
Beta SP PAL - $225
Digibeta PAL - $350

After you have reviewed the above information please contact Fork Films Operations Coordinator Hope Carmichael at should you have any further questions. Thank you!