All public, community, and educational screenings of Pray the Devil Back to Hell on DVD require the purchase of the Educational & Public Viewing DVD ($295), which includes the public viewing rights.

Both the DVD and the viewing rights ($295) can be purchased by clicking here »

That's it! Once you recieve the DVD, you can go ahead and pick date(s) and venue(s) and schedule your screening(s).

If you have further questions, please read on. Please click on a question below to view the answer.

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What does the Public Viewing Rights ($295) cover?

These rights cover multiple public viewings of the film and circulation of the film in a lending library, but are non-transferable, (i.e. you are not permitted to share the film with another organization). You are welcome to charge admission or to use your screening as a fundraising event. Standard shipping is included.

If you are not sure whether the Home DVD or Public Viewing/Educational DVD is right for you, email us and we will be happy to guide you.

Is the film available in other languages?

The following are subtitled versions of Pray the Devil Back to Hell that are available. Please note that there are NO dubbed versions of the film available at this time.

Please note that some versions may require an ADDITIONAL rental fee to the base licensing fee of $295.00.

English audio with Italian subtitles– 72 min/Theatrical
Contact us for details

English audio with French subtitles– 72 min/Theatrical
English audio with French subtitles- 60 min/TV
Contact us for details

English audio with Spanish subtitles- 72min/Theatrical
English audio with Spanish subtitles- 60min/TV
Contact us for details

Are there any promotional materials you can provide us?

You can find most of your press material needs such as a press kit (including synopsis, biography, and full credits and much more), high res stills, etc on our Press page.

Should you require additional materials, such as the high res trailer in quicktime (.mov) format, or clips for download, please contact Fork Films' Operations Coordinator, Hope Carmichael, to obtain instructions on how to download the material.

How can I invite a filmmaker or speaker?

We often receive requests for the filmmakers to attend and speak at festivals and screenings. Please understand that the filmmakers have begun other projects and at this time are unlikely to be able to travel on behalf of Pray the Devil Back to Hell. There may be someone in your community who would be an excellent speaker or host at a screening and we encourage you to reach out to local libraries and colleges for their recommendations.

However, if schedule allows, your invitation may be considered, so please feel free to contact Operations Coordinator Hope Carmichael at to inquire about filmmaker or speaker invitations.

Please make sure to include in your inquiry:

- What date(s) are you considering for a screening?

- Is there an honorarium/speakers fee?
-- If yes, what is it?

- Who are you asking to speak, Abigail Disney or Gini Reticker?

- Will you cover all travel expenses including transportation costs and lodging if necessary?

-- If yes, is there someone from your organization/institution that can book the travel & lodging, or should expenses be submitted for reimbursement?

- If neither Abby or Gini can attend, AND there is a speakers fee and travel costs covered, would you be interested in other speakers, such as any women from the film, crew members, or other people who can speak about Liberia, please contact us and we’d be happy to make suggestions.

- Are you screening the film regardless of a speaker attending?